Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Welcome To Hopeful Alyssa

Hello All!

Welcome to Blog #1.  This whole blogging thing is new to me so bear with me as I get the hang of it.  I thought an interesting way to start out my blog would be to explain where "Hopeful Alyssa" came from.  I have always been very drawn to anything related to Hope.  It was quite a struggle for my parents to have children and when they were finally blessed with me they viewed me as their Hope that they would be blessed with more children.  I always loved this story and I believe to this day that having Hope with me at all times has made me into the positive and happy person I am/try to be.  

I'm not sure what I want this blog to turn into yet, I love makeup and nail polish but I equally love cooking and baking.  Perhaps it will turn into a little big of everything!


Hopeful Alyssa

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